Our story

A farmhouse with whirlpool surrounded by greenery

An enchantment: the ancient mansion with the suggestive 9th century tower is located on the edge of a sweet and bright plateau of the Veronese hill at 173 meters (570 ft) above sea level and is located just 8 km from the center of Verona. Protected site, of extraordinary natural beauty, it is surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and woods.
An architectural and landscape recovery driven by love and respect for the environment, has left the magic and beauty of the places and the millenary harmony between the buildings and the environment unchanged.
The dwelling, with the ancient tower of the high Middle Ages (IX century) still retains its charm of the past, without sacrificing the comfort of a modern and elegant accommodation facility, equipped with all comforts and with the presence of a pleasant panoramic whirlpool.


Delo: our comfortable farmhouse with whirlpool has an ancient name: from the Greek “Delos” which means “Bright”. Its history is lost in time. Site known already in the Neolithic times, the locality was populated by the Reti (1500 BC) and by the Celts (IV century BC); the Romans dedicated a shrine to Apollo DELIO, from which the area took its name.

Formerly owned by the Monastery of Santa Maria in Organo in Verona as evidenced by the notary G. Da Vico in 1451, it has belonged to the family since 1894.

Words are not enough to describe the emotion... a large lawn surrounds the buildings and slopes towards the olive trees and the woods, in a green expanse interrupted only by the occasional emergence of the underlying rock. To the south, a walk in the terraces of centuries-old olive trees. To the north a gentle vineyard, with the precious Valpolicella grapes and the severe, windy beauty of the Squaranto Valley and the nearby Pre-Alps... and with the ancient tower, which dominates the heart of the estate to guard the access to the Valley, once via of the barbarian invasions in Roman times.

There is no trace of noise and pollution. Only the magic of a nature that pervades and regenerates you, the music of the wind among the leaves, and the pleasure... of a sweet relaxation, a relaxing panoramic whirlpool, a botanical path among the olive trees, a regenerating moment of " nordic walking ”in our park... read more