Our story

Delo … after the Greek “delos” which means “luminous, an enchantment”. Its story goes far in the time … Populated since the Neolithic Age, then by the Rhaetians (1500 b.Ch.) and by the Celts (IV cent b.Ch.), the Romans there devoted a temple to Apollo DELIO (from the Greek DELO Island) which gave the area its actual name. In the middle ages the property belonged to the Monastery of St. Mary in Organ in Verona (leases from the lawyer G. Da Vico, 1451) and in 1894 it came into the ownership of the present family.

An enchantment … the ancient XVI century rural lodge with the romantic IX century tower is situated at the edge of gentle uplands only 5 mls from the centre of Verona. It is surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and bushes, at an altitude of nearly 570 feet, and dominates, to the north, the Valle Squaranto. Being in a place of outstanding natural beauty, immersed in one of the most beautiful and environment-protected hilly area of Verona, both the land and the buildings have been restored accurately and sensitively, treating the landscape and constructions with a huge respect.

Nothing changed … Words alone cannot begin to describe the harmony and beauty of the place. A spacious lawn, which separates the buildings in the courtyard and encloses the structure, slopes towards the olive groves at the south, in an expanse of green interrupted only by the occasional rock protruding from underneath. To the south, a natural stepped park, with centuries-old olive grove, oak and maple trees. To the north our Valpolicella vineyards, dominated by the dramatic and windswept beauty of the Val Squaranto, up to the top of Mount Carega. And the tower, at the heart of Tenuta Delo, strategically positioned to watch out for invaders coming up the valley.

No noise nor air pollution … You can hear only the sounds of nature and the music of the wind when it crosses the trees of our estate; and enters your soul and makes you feel completely regenerated. And the pleasure … a sweet relax, a Hydrospa panoramic Jacuzzi, a bothanic garden with mediterranean trees, our natural nordic walking park.